The Legendary Jamaican Stew Peas

This sounds amazing so had to share it with you all :)Not many meals can boast quite the infamy and the prominence of Jamaican stew peas. While the meal itself is undeniably delectable, many Jamaicans will tell you, stew peas has powers to be feared. Just like the Sunday Dinner, Stew Peas can supposedly lead to spontaneous and everlasting love. The saying goes, when your girlfriend starts making stew peas, be afraid, she is getting serious about the relationship. As, whether on its own or with ‘special additives’, Stew Peas apparently can be used to tie/bind man to woman, so that he will never leave her.As a child, it was my very favourite meal and it was guaranteed, whenever I was being rewarded for doing something good. A delicious rich meaty stew with white rice is truly the ultimate gravy lover’s dream, and as we’ve learned from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, ‘Gravy is love’ – then again, maybe that’s just me.


Source: The Legendary Jamaican Stew Peas

The Charade – Part 12

The Charade….I am enjoying this little story where is it going?..will the girl find out who she is?

S C Richmond

Chapter twelve already, where will it go? This chapter has been written by Carol Taylor you can find her by clicking the link. Enjoy this chapter and if you would like to catch up with the rest of the story please check out the website The Charade – Chapter 12.Carl hurried towards her and swept her into his arms.“You look lovely, so beautiful, that dress, is it one of George’s grandsons designs?”She wriggled free, blushing “Yes” she stammered. She was about to tell Carl about her wonderful discovery but something stopped her. Something wasn’t right… Carl sounded strange, something was up. He always seemed to appear, no matter where she was, she was beginning to feel as if he was watching and waiting for her. It was beginning to make her feel uneasy.“What time shall I pick you up tonight Cinders? He laughed at his own joke. The girl was no…

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Matum Fruit.#thelme55fruitsaturdays

And yes I know it is Sunday….I will try harder next week…promise Thelma…..It took me all day to get in the fruit to take a photo…lol#thelme55fruitsaturdays…. ish…lol.  The Matum fruit has a very hard shell and you wouldn’t want one dropped on your head from a great height. fsam_8477

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Smokin’Hot Chilli Sauce.

This is a recipe for a blow your head off chilli sauce from my friend Susan who hails from Dubai and she thinks that even I will find it hot…The photo is also Susans and it looks lush. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Susan. It was timely and in keeping with my sole mission of a letter a week of recipes.Let’s Cook!smokin-hot-chilli-sauce

Source: Smokin’Hot Chilli Sauce.

Creme Brulee with Chilli and Lime.

Creme Brulee is one of my all time favorite desserts and when my grandson ( 11yrs) was asked what were some of his favorite foods his answer was, in no particular order an Angus steak beef burger, Thai beef salad, som tam and creme brulee.  He is certainly a child who loves his food and has diverse tastes already.Anyway as you know I am on C and instead of a plain ordinary Creme Brulee …..I have a treat for you….Chilli and lime Brulee.creme-brulee-895358_1920

Source: Creme Brulee with Chilli and Lime.

Chillies? or Is it really Ice cream?

Oh Yes! I have been waiting for this….Numero three equals = C ANDFor those of you who know me….Are you in for a treat?????Now ….I could do dishes for this week and not have a chilli in sight…..Mmmmm….. This picture of lush, red chillies could be it!  I could stick to recipes with Chorizo, Chocolate, Cherries, more Chocolate, Cheese, Carrots, even more Chocolate. Custard, Cream or even much more Chocolate.But I won’t……Chilli and Chocolate Icecream… isn’t it a match made in Foodie heaven?????? icecream-1209869_1920

Source: Chillies? or Is it really Ice cream?