You are the author of your life, what will YOU make it about ?

Well, what will you?

I started off in life having been bought up being told ” girls just get married and have children”

So I did!

After going to college and training as a hairdresser……I never practised as a hairdresser ..just did my mums and friends hairs..having always been fussy about my hair though I suppose it left me with that legacy. I have even been known to put anything even a carrier bag over my hair if a drop of rain threatened..just so long as not a hair got wet..the only time it got wet was when I visited the hairdressers and they always said I was their only customer who came to the salon to get my hair done who never looked as if it needed doing.I was fanatical even down to the fact that when on holiday…… The first place I ever checked out was the location of the hair salon!

I must have been a nightmare!

Now it’s short and I only go to get it cut and if it gets wet it gets wet…so I have chilled out somewhat in my latter years.

Now I look back and think we did rather well… as our children have wonderfully bought up children of their own who are polite, work hard at school and the ones who do work have very good careers….so all in all…..not a bad life……….and when I look forward I am excited about what is to come……Because I have found new hobbies and interests that I can devote more time to…so all in all, life is like a carousel and if we can dream we can do it………hence the title of my blog…….

In fact, I am wishing I was a tad younger and would have more time for what I need to do…..but that’s life…..take it by the horns and live it……

My son and grand children are now safely back in the Uk……it has been a pleasure to see how they have grown into lovely young adults and the youngest I am sure will also find hs own path in the future….SAM_6752.

We are all feeling a little flat now they are on their way home but have lovely memories one of which is of ” The Surf House ” and for his first go young Fred’s did really well and to know they love our chosen retirement place as much as we do is a bonus…….  I am now looking forward to seeing them again in September which will be the first trip back for 4 years so I am sure we will see many changes in both the place and people…….

So it’s back to business…blogging to do, writing to do, cooking and photos to take……….. whew..but that’s life………and it’s damn hot here…but no complaints as I can cool off in the sea or the pool…lucky lady that I am…………….and talking of photos check these outnesting birds………the nest is inches away from my window I have never known birds to nest so low down and close to the house like this.There are only 2 chicks but they certainly keep mum busy …backwards and forwards with food and for little ones they can certainly make themselves heard…..My garden is always surprising me…….  there is always something new be it  plants or wildlife………on the downside It seems to be that time of year as we have spiders in abundance…..urgh

Enjoy my blog and my next will follow shortly with the promised recipes( from last time) I need to sleep after all the excitement of the last 2 weeks.

Nite Nite xx


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