Try never to do or say anything to anyone that you have to say sorry for.

Wow..that’s a big ask..but a can do…..

Maybe if we all thought, really thought, before we do or say something hurtful the world would be different…I think it would.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we opened a newspaper or tuned into the news and we read or heard nicer, heartwarming stories….there will always be natural disasters, an engine that fails, a rope that breaks…….I could go on…but deliberate acts: aimed at maximum hurt or impact… it’s those I am talking about.

It still wouldn’t be a perfect world…but who wants perfect? Just better, a nicer place to bring our children up in………a nicer place to live in……..

well ..we can dream…

But all is not lost…..

Lewis Hamilton won the 1st Grand Prix of the year.

Arsenal beat West ham… just saying..ha ha

A granny goes skydiving for her 100th Birthday….wow

NASA captures solar flare….amazing

Canadians asked to stop ” Spocking ” bank notes..that made me laugh.

“Pee power ” toilet generates electricity…… waste not want not …just saying…


By now you probably think I am a very excentric  ex.pat…… and British to boot… are probably right…..ha ha..but it’s my blog and today I am just writing what I feel…..

What do I feel…..great sadness at the loss of a fellow author……Sir Terry Pratchett…..I say, fellow author if anything I ever write is only 10% as great as his work…i’ll be a happy bunny.

He championed and fought publicly and bravely that terrible disease that is Alzheimer’s and campaigned for better care and further research into this progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions.

R.I.P. Sir Terry Pratchett 

And last but never least ” Happy Mothers Day ” To my mum and to Mothers everywhere, enjoy your day and I hope you get spoiled.

Love you all xxx


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