Wow what a week!

Well where to start……the nest has eggs in it once again and mummy is busy keeping them warm she only leaves when she is hungry and the other day when the heavens opened bless her she sat, she was soaked but she sat on those little eggs.

You could also hear a pin drop…hark! shhhhhhhhh it’s so quiet.

Everyone is away visiting nannies,brothers and mum’s oh and the dreaded visa run…..

So what have I been doing?????

Oh it’s been a hive of activity, courtesy of my Indonesian friend she gave a cooking lesson on how to make Beef Rendang and it’s quite preparation heavy but so worth it and I left with not only …a sample and the recipe but leaves ( turmeric) for when I attempt mine and hints and tips galore..thank you Mamik.

And of course I will share with you.

I have a lovely Pork Loin brining away and it will be ready by Wednesday for my Majong buddies to sample.

Had a glut of Cucumbers so they are now sliced and packed into jars and nearly ready to eat.

SAM_6880………….I used 4 cucumbers ( they are short ones here) not long like in Uk . Peel and slice ( I sliced quite thickly) 1 Large Onion peeled and sliced, 3 cups vinegar, I cup water, 1/4- 1/2 cup sugar or spendida sweetener( I only used just under quarter cup and salt to season if required. Whisk together in jug.Put alternate slices of cucumber and onion in jar until full , pour in vinegar mix to top of jar making sure to cover completely. Screw on lid and refrigerate . Ready to eat in 2 days if you can resist we often can’t.

My lovely neighbour came bearing gifts of Mangoes so they have been duly pureed and in the freezer..would have been Ice Cream cos I came across a lovely recipe for mango ice cream with sea salt and chilli..yum! I was drooling..short lived.. when I read further down the said recipe I need an Ice Cream Machine and guess who doesn’t have one?

Well trawled the second-hand sites as a lot of people only live here a short while and then sell practically new goods before they move on…..and lo and behold I found one but didn’t want the freezer that went with it…or do I..more storage for my cooking……mmmmmm the jury’s out on that one…..

But I need a new camera more? Do I ? mmmmmm Ice cream plus freezer or Camera?

And of course I have been working on my novel and trying to master that pesky will not beat me….. I think if I keep telling myself that often enough I will be a master at it before I can say BOO!

Oh and I was also sent a recipe by a dear Swiss friend for ” Suure Mocke ” , or Sauerbraten, marinated Beef a family recipe so I will try it and pass it on to you my friends…sounds good, the Beef is marinated for 5 days in the vino..yes 5 days folks..sound yum or  sound yummy???

So all in all it’s been a week of learning and experimenting for me I love it.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings I am now off to see if I can locate my Curry Seedlings that some nice man has sent me …when tracking it said ” out for delivery” address not recognised, does that mean they left a card? if so where?  if address not recognised?…mmmmm no wonder the birds nest in my post box cos the postman sure does not use it we say TIT ( This is Thailand) Wish me luck!

Enjoy until next time happy reading and have fun x


2 thoughts on “Wow what a week!

    1. blondieaka Post author

      My first time of making and they pretty good if you lived closer i woould give you a jar we do a sort of swapsy here which is cool as I get to try other cultures food. Thank you for dropping by 🙂



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