Wow ……What a Week….Part Two!

Awwwwww and who doesn’t love babies?  And isn’t she beautiful?

Welcome to the world Charlotte Elizabeth Diane Princess of Cambridge. Will she be known as Princess Charlie??? Whatever I’m sure she will have a charmed upbringing and as normal a one as possible I am guessing given the circumstances of her birth but also given her Parentage….May god bless you always. Charlotte

Followed by the General Election in Britain… 2 days to go……well if I was going to vote and I have always voted the same, I think even me..yes folks me…I  would be seriously looking at all the parties this time and what offers they had on the table…..personally I think we should have the best of all party’s and industry to govern, I don’t think any one party totally fits the bill and in all honesty it’s such a major task to take on you need the best in their fields as your army.So good Luck everyone…vote wisely and do vote as it’s very important.

And come back William Hague I have always liked him and think the first time round he wasn’t ready. I have followed him since…no I’m not a stalker..but think the time is right for him. My opinion folks.

Now a plug for my friend and mentors new novel ” Deep Deceit ” please help her get back into the top 50 it is a great holiday read and will take you to Dubai and all the mystery’s and twists that we all love in a novel. And shhhhhhhh but don’t tell anyone but you will be able to get a FREE Download on 9th and 10th May which is Mothers Day weekend  and here is the link so enjoy and Happy Reading!Deep Deceit

AND my rant is I still haven’t got my curry seedlings ,Post office not open till tomoz and “carded ” be beggared …Gonna be knocking on their door first thing….. anyone wish to be a fly on the proverbial wall????????? This is one seriously fed up ex.pat I just want my POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rant Over 🙂

Hope you enjoyed part two and my rants and ramblings so lots of little recipes next time as I have been busy pickling Beetroot yesterday and Onions today love you all xxx


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