“Three o’clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do.”

Well that is really true !

I get up in the morning and plan my day and the above is correct really when you stop and think . Sometimes I plan my day around the licensing laws here, yes it’s like being back in the UK eons ago. Between 11 and 2 or  5 onwards. And no I’m not really an old lush ha ha.

But I write and cook early cos it’s hot so I often miss the 11-2 as I only think aah about 1.30 that I need red wine for my planned dinner dish. Then It’s that time when I’m sort of at a loose end sometimes or planning my next step and 5pm is ages away as I want to start cooking and need red wine mmmmm so I think 3 o’clock has similar properties.

Time just flies by, I have been blogging  for nearly 8 months now, here for 4 years where does it go? Me…. well I seem to be packing more in my time as I suppose it is limited now…and no i’m not maudlin just doing the sums..laws of averages etc and thinking  mmm maybe 20 more years..thats not long…ha ha defo maudlin now….so much I would like to do will I fit it all in well I’m gonna have a  good try.

Tomatoes, am on my second batch…my little tester woofed most of the first batch all by himself.11108523_10206972480487448_2019556989950242717_nThey did taste amazing , sweet and yummy.

phew it is very hot, had rain today but still hot, so I will say cheers,  choke dee ka or choke the cat which the guys here think is funny and seems to be peculiar to Phuket as not heard it said like that elsewhere in Thailand.

Until next time I’m off to get ready for some sundowners love you all.


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