A Chicken crossing the road is ” Poultry” in motion.

Hi everyone and if you hadn’t guessed by now then I’ll tell you I am a slightly crazy, whimsical( that is not my description) but a dear friends..Jelena! I laugh at the silliest jokes or sayings ( see above) and what you see is what you get. Upset me and you may get the full fury and onslaught..when I can be bothered that is because calmness comes with age and what would have me incensed some years ago …..well I think I am now quite sensible about things.excitedBut I still like a cause…..and increasingly am becoming more aware of the world around me and am astounded and I really don’t know why……about all my favorite things aka FOOD is not good for me. In fact it may kill me…well, we are all going that way eventually , some sooner than later  …..and that’s sad I miss my friends Mo and Gilly  and I think more as the years go by and I suppose too that I want them to see how I have evolved and changed.

A Blogger and writer who would have thought not them , not me, definitely not my teachers all those years ago. Whoa the chalk always used to fly in my direction.

Never in a million years though would I let my kids have a ” Mr Frosty ” or “Slush Puppies ” no not those horrible suede shoes they were Hush Puppies.

But anything that I thought was staining the tongue was a resounding no back then I would cringe at what it would do for their little insides….. so mummy banned them.

So I guess that’s why in my dotage I am madly making everything I can and passing the recipes  on.

But also not getting too paranoid about it..cos that causes stress and what are we told about stress….I rest my case.

Well I hear you all say …you have more time, yes I do but a lot of the recipes are done in a crock pot or quickly stir fried ..using Coconut Oil..of course.

Can be prepared before you go to bed or work , make bigger portions and freeze one..there really are no excuses and the satisfaction I get from making it from scratch is great….yeh yeh I love the praise and who doesn’t?

Enough of my ramblings cos that’s what it is.Today  I am sad, sad that some little lives are cut so short and even me ..I can’t find the words that I know I should as this little Angel was part of our family for such a brief while.

So to Tracey and Bart remember…..There is no footprint too small to leave an imprint on this world.

May God Bless you all xxxxxx

I was going to carry on rambling but I think not today……

Love you all until next time xxxx


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