If you can dream it, you can do it!

One of my very first posts and toe dipping into the world of blogging.

Retired? No one told me!

29 days to Christmas …yikes…. Best get that ham curing …I have  lots of different recipes on my Pinterest  Boards but I will also give you my tried and tested  home cured ham recipe next week….promise!

But as   promised in last weeks blog….see I don’t forget…  one of my favorite Thai dishes  Nam Dock Nua ( Beef Salad).

This week sees me having my 1st Thai Language lesson. So watch this space…..I’m sure progress will be slow…even very slow…ha ha but at the moment I only speak Nik noy Thai ( very little.)

I have also been ploughing through Word Presses how to..for beginners..thats me! ….. Have managed to add FB, Linked In and Pinterest buttons so that’s a result…. so my aim is to be able to do one thing a week sooooo…..what does that mean for you…my faithfull followers ?…….who knows? certainly not me!…….Could be change of header or pictures absolutely anything!…So…

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