Should we not all hang our heads and weep?

I have read much over the last week or two about the problems in Syria and the refugees and I think by now that we all know  there is a problem of catastrophic proportions. I have read of people warning that militants are infiltrating and mingling with the refugees hoping to get taken in and allowed to stay somewhere and that it is their way of getting a foothold in many countries and work their evil. That may be true.

I have heard tales of refugees smoking and on their mobiles …I think if I smoked maybe I too would be smoking and probably more.

My mobile is generally firmly attached to my ear most of the time …if that was me…would I leave my mobile my only way of communicating with friends and family…I think not….

If I had a child or children and we lived in a war zone and the danger to them was increasing every minute of every day would I not try to get them to safety?…I think I would…

If I had elderly parents or a sick friend would I take them with me? ….I think I would.

Would I hope that someone would help me?….I think I would.

Would I hope I would be welcomed and allowed to live in safety with my family?   I think I would.

Would I if I could… help ?…I think I would…

Would you if you could help…help…..I hope so.

I would like to share with  you a poem written by a dear friend Richard Theze. Richard was inspired to write this poem after reading an article in an Australian Newspaper.

The article was about the tragic, untimely death of a small boy called ” Aylan Kurdi ” who died along with his other sibling and his mother….who was doing what most mothers would do…trying to take her children to a place of safety…….she died trying to do that…….

I for one am ashamed…ashamed that I belong to a human race that at times seems devoid of all humanity.

Thank you Richard for allowing me to share your words a little tribute to a tiny boy called Aylan.

Little Boy Drowned
A Response to the Death of Aylan Kurdi
(by Richard Thézé)

You did not deserve to die in the coldness of water,
To drown in the distant, dispassionate depths of human indifference.
No migrant, you, nor refugee, but a little boy – just three,
Washed, bare legs, small shoes, face down
Upon unfamiliar shore.

Your race, no matter now, nor ever should, you belonged to us,
Yet, backs turned, we overlooked your need to play
Safe away from the threat of violence and war,
Failed too, to notice those who risked all to give you a better life,
Their hope, your end, such a bitter irony.

Others, too, have died, many, cast adrift upon callous seas,
A million deaths, perhaps, statistics all,
But yours: the single death of a little boy drowned – a tragedy,
Internationally, now, the bellowed demands echo
That something be done.

Inspired by a tribute in The Sydney Morning Herald in September 2015.

16 thoughts on “Should we not all hang our heads and weep?

  1. cheflauracerullo

    It feels very strange for me to “like” a blog posting regarding this topic (the irony is not lost on me) but you have a beautiful and authentic sense of writing that I think boades it acceptable. I feel like nowadays, especially with the social media presence, that with every heartbreak felt around the globe, there are so many people reaching out through these outlets, seemingly feigning shock and horror. It’s nice to see someone truly taken in by it and affected. Maybe one day we won’t have such nightmareish realities to discuss.
    Ah-mazing blog btw, keep up the good work 🙏


    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment..I would normally try not to comment on such topics but felt very drawn to do so after reading my friends poem . Like you I truly hope that one day we won’t have such nightmarish realities to discuss but as wars and atrocities have been going on for centuries then I doubt that will be the case in my lifetime. That makes me sad because the biggest casualties are always the innocents.

      Liked by 1 person


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