Saang Chai….week 6.


Good Morning everyone and what a lovely sunny Monday morning it is ………..I have just came back from my morning walk with my master and it was fun..lots of things to smell and chase and now I have got my bone, doesn’t it look good? I am very good with my bones. My mistress just takes them a way from me sometimes and tells my little master to but they give it back me and tell me I am a good …I don’t mind if they touch my food because ..they give it back….it is fun here…

Well  not so fun the other day… my master got really angry with me ….I just licked his flip-flops and they fell apart…well …maybe I chewed them but he said that is the second pair this that was not true was last week…I only chew one pair a week….He smacked me one time on my bottom with the flip-flop and it hurt..ouch!

Then he said “Bed” in his I’m not happy with you voice …I rolled over on my back…. …but he didn’t rub my tummy  this time…..  Oh Dear……my mum just said “don’t leave them there” I’m sure she’s on my side, I can tell….I love my mum…she makes me lovely chicken to eat… for a special treat she gives me a little piece of cheese…I like cheese, it’s yummy…woof

Oh I forgot…You know I mustn’t bark and growl when people come into the house,…..well I am getting better  and my mistress tells me I am a good boy. I just like to let them know that’s it’s my home now…..

Oh and please don’t forget if you  can help or adopt a little Soi Dog like me… it’s very easy and it doesn’t matter where you live…I know I have lots of readers from that big country the USA and Soi Dogs can ship your forever dog to you …it’s very easy ….they take care of all the paperwork…woof…and you could have a lovely puppy just like me or one of the older dogs who just want a forever home….and you might lucky and it won’t chew your flip flops…woof….

sdf-post-idk-campaign-feed-dogs-content-1-0My mistress gets really upset when she sees these pictures and how people can hurt us like they do……..Please Help…woof

Yum..woof …I have got chicken..freshly cooked…..I better sit down and wait hadn’t I because unless I sit, I don’t get my chicken mistress just holds the bowl and looks at me…I know she loves me and when she looks at me like that I just sit down and give her  the big , brown-eyed soulful look and I get my dinner…yummy……

Can’t talk any more a boys got to eat …laters…next Monday……Woof


10 thoughts on “Saang Chai….week 6.

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Oh he has just excelled himself ,just woke got out bed went to pit on my silky nighty and it had no straps..they were seperate ..on the floor ..must have bored in the night 🙂



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