Laptop, Kaput, Dead….. Saang Chai here!


On a borrowed one so between this and i-pad will try to get post out…I have Saangchai moaning in my ear as he can’t use the I -pad…..owwwww push me away will you?

WOOF…what going on? my mistress has the right hump…she won’t let me use her I-pad as she says my paws will scratch the screen……what’s a dog to do …my master uses this one for work and won’t let me near he doesn’t like me smelling and licking it..well what am I to do…he he……… he doesn’t    know I’m on it at the moment.

Yikes here he comes best go..see you soon woof..Lots to tell you…..Oh and no pics of me but you know what I look like don’t you?    Laters woof


17 thoughts on “Laptop, Kaput, Dead….. Saang Chai here!

  1. Tejaswi

    I am so sorry to hear about that.. is there some way I could help troubleshoot the thing? Or is it dead completely? I could probably guide you through a few troubleshooting steps etc.. well, ok, just offering my help. I am sure you have done all that.. but, still.. sorry to hear that..


    1. blondieaka Post author

      Hi..Thank you but I tried the lead and removed battery and it completely in computer shop hopefully be done by Friday….something to do with motherboard but appreciate your using son’s but he uses it for work so can only use for a while..have i-pad but not the same and for some reason it doesn’t update my e-mail…googled it yesterday and held home/start together and it updated but then didn’t update any more so not sure wether hve to hold home.start everytime to get it update as not doing automatically so that can go into shop to methinks..but will if lap top is fixed will update everything and save so if happens again I don’t the lot..especially my writing and pics..But am grateful for your aoffer of help…I get yor friends e-mail now and had lovely beef Korma recipe am going to try..Take care 🙂

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