Back up my hard drive? How do I put it in reverse?

What a week…….it’s like losing your right arm…..


But don’t panic …harmony and Peace now reign….” IT’S BACK”

Thanks to the lovely people @ Computers…a big red sign……who worked wonders on my little laptop.

My i-pad takes great photos and is great when you are on the run but instead of my trusty contest!

Now busy ..backing up……

On reflection though it gave me time to THINK… that’s dangerous some will say..but I have short stories to complete..deadline 1st November for our second Anthology of Phuket Writers Short Stories…….. A cook book with a twist is planned…..may be titled..” They will only grate their fingers once”……. you don’t want to be inside my mind…. it scares me..ha ha

Another new project in the offing..yikes I’m scaring myself…. Retired? No One did tell me!

Saang Chai is busting to get on my laptop..indeed the big lump is on my lap as I type…he sure is a big puppy weighing in at 22kilos @ 7 months…those big paws don’t lie……..His blog will come later…and let me tell you he best tell the truth …he has been so disobedient this week but he gives lovely cuddles….and don’t get me started on his dinners…..the fussiest Soi Dog in the world…but  I love him…


Who could not?

The predicted storm and bad weather well it’s sunny…shhhhhhhhh so maybe just maybe it won’t  happen……..I need a gardner…do you think I can find one in this nation of gardeners so that’s this weeks mission and a half……one of my bestest arrives tomorrow for a few days of girlie fun   …Oh yes! alter ego…Roxy will be on top form…will you get pics…..mmmmmmm I know not..he he

Woof move over………………….Ok , Ok Saang Chai……….time to go…have a fun week…until next time 🙂

11 thoughts on “Back up my hard drive? How do I put it in reverse?

  1. olganm

    I see what you meant about computers. Thankfully my cousin John works with computers (and enjoys it!), so he advised me to get a new hard drive that should be faster and he reinstalled the programs. Now it’s ‘just’ getting used to the new system and finding where things are! Good luck!

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  2. merrildsmith

    Congratulations on getting your computer fixed. I’m glad you didn’t get the bad weather. We did not get the hurricane, but did have several days of windy, rainy, cold days. Yuck!
    Enjoy your puppy and girl time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you and yes but do have this horrible smog from the Indonesian Bush Fires which is getting worse the last 2 days you can smell it. Pleased you did not get your hurricane..cold days I don’t miss brrrr. Hope you get some sunshine soon 🙂



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