Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole. Week 8 on Life with Saang Chai.

Woof I’m back……no laptop last week it was kaput….only an i-pad and I was not allowed as my paws would scratch it! What did they want me to do ? Wear gloves?

My masters laptop and that was a definite No, No as he doesn’t like me licking and sniffing it….isn’t that what dogs do? So no post….But my faithful fans….Did you miss me??????  woof..

Today because I now have a forever home I am going to talk to you about my life before I  came to live here woof…..I lived on the streets and relied on scraps from bins and whatever any nice people gave me..but I was only a little puppy and sometimes the big dogs took the food off me and my sister……We often got kicked out the way if someone just felt like kicking us or if they thought we were in their way. Sometimes we made a friend and then they disappeared like our mum day we would be cuddling up to her and then she was gone….we could hear the humans talking about nasty men who stole the dogs  for meat…… who would want to eat us?

This is an excerpt from Soi Dogs Page:  Found, in a jungle clearing, a small cage containing another 3 dogs. It emerged that the area was a make-shift holding place, where dogs were kept until sufficient numbers were accumulated.

From there, they would be smuggled over the border and on to Vietnam, where they would be cruelly tortured and slaughtered for their meat.

These are the lucky ones: 12108723_978517515523317_8241193445479086222_n 12108776_978517535523315_3877233151736221132_n 12122711_978517528856649_3893577881246430365_n 12143301_978517542189981_966576195525016972_n

I think I am lucky that I was helped by a kind lady who used bring us food when she walked her dogs, one day she was told by one of the other ladies that the man who kept kicking us said he was going to drown us as we wasn’t big enough to eat……..she was a lovely kind lady and she phoned   ” Soi Dogs ” , a nice man came and picked  us up  in his van and took us to Soi Dogs. There are lots of dogs there and lots of barking..but happy barks and so many people came and made a fuss of us … woof…we got lots of cuddles and we got food, baths….and needles stuck in us.. I didn’t like  that much. But the nice people said it was so we didn’t get nasty diseases..they were very kind us and then we got put in a big run with lots of other puppies …It was fun….we could run and play…

Lots of people came to look at us and my sister was taken away to a forever home..woof….I miss my sister…..

One day a boy came with some grownups and played with me and I heard him tell his grownups that he liked me….I thought he liked the little black and brown dog who he was running about with……I didn’t run about with them as they were smaller than me and people always pick the little ones…awwwww so cute you hear them saying……but my forever mum she was saying she loved my frown and my little master just said “I want him”….there is something about him..please nanny can I have him..he looks sad……woof…… I wasn’t really sad…I just wanted a forever home and as I got bigger I wasn’t as cute as the smaller ones….but they liked me …and came back to see me the next day…..I wasn’t very friendly to them, I just stood and watched………..I didn’t want to get too excited in case they changed their mind…woof

But they didn’t…they came back with a nice new blue harness for me…….. I was put in their truck and before I knew it we arrived at my forever home had a big garden..lots to smell and it smelt nice…. Then they took me shopping and bought me a new bed…my first …very own…new…bed… toys..balls  that  squeaked…..a brush all of my own……….funny tasting chewy things..I didn’t like them much…so my mistress kept buying different ones until I found one I liked…she is kind ….my master says she spoils me…… What do you think?

Thank you for reading about the good work Soi Dogs do and if you can….. please help either with a donation or a forever home like I have ….I’m sure it is only nice people like my mistress who read this..woof

Woof… before I go if my mistress writes her blog and tells you that I chewed another pair of my master shoes..his best ones and one of her silk slips…it really  just fell in front of me ….. I was just sniffing and licking it…….I really was….woof…….


13 thoughts on “Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole. Week 8 on Life with Saang Chai.

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Woof, thank you Yvonne perhaps you can tell my mistress that it’s just I do start with a lick and then I can’t help it she did say today it might be my teeth coming master didn’t believe tha,t he thinks she spoils me woof..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yvonne

        I think you’re very lucky to have that mistress. Is it your teeth coming through? Maybe they can get you something to chew on, like they give human little ones. Woof.


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