The only time the world beats a path to your door is when you are in the bathroom!

Here is another of my very first blogs which has a lovely recipe for Spiced Red Cabbage which I always cook as an accompaniment to the Christmas Turkey. It’s easy to make and very nice 🙂

Retired? No one told me!

..and  is that just the truth?  Your mobile goes or someone has something sourgent that they talk  through the door at you…..

Goodbye?  Did you guess right? It was Cherokee!   How many of you got that one?

I have decided that as I am learning Thai I am going to try to speak it all the time where I can , especially at home and then my grandson or daughter in law can correct me. Well that is the plan…

This week it’s Red Cabbage.

Cooked with Apples,red onion or shallots,some spices,balsamic and a tinsy, winsy drop of Red Wine….mmm..try a glassful…lol..

It is a lovely accompaniment  to Roast Dinners and tastes even better when kept a day or two…well if it lasts that long …and it freezes well. It wouldn’t be a Christmas or Thanksgiving Dinner without it…we love it.SAM_6215


One medium size Red Cabbage.


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