Waste no more time

I don’t reblog very often..only when something really resonates with me or I want to help a friend promote a book..but this I think we could all learn a lesson 🙂

Nick Verron

 Last year my mind and soul were ripped apart.

I emerged from the destruction

with a psychiatric injury called hypervigilance.

Broken ———- Broken ——— (me last year, sporting a “comfort beard”)

Hypervigilance means that I notice connections between any and every situation, and during the acute stage, an alarming number of POTENTIAL situations! It was basically my self defence mechanism gone mad. I just couldn’t comprehend how another human being could be this cold and calculated, WITHOUT LYING?!

I was privileged to have recorded a very small portion of the unmanageable volume of  thoughts on my mum’s blog

Apparently extreme situations give birth to extreme realisations. See the (temporarily wise?) ramblings of a (temporary?) madman below:  


“I’ve just been through the most terrible experience in my life. If you imagine how bad it was when my world collapsed following my attack, that was preferable to what I’ve just endured. But from…

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