Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.

Very true, just sitting quietly and freeing your thoughts is remarkably calming. I need calm, having retired, I feel the need for calm and also solitude at times ..not because I am angry, or mad at someone but just because I value time and now I have time to do that…it energises me and gets my thoughts flowing.

Living in Thailand has taught me to meditate and there is no lovelier place to do so….it may be at the beach under the shade of a palm tree,or in my quiet space at home just like Colleen of Silver Threading  click here on her mindful Mondays posts .

In fact meditation is part of daily life here. Most homes and places of business feature a ” Spirit House” just outside the building. In fact if you have a new business Thai’s always get it blessed by monks before it opens and that includes large corporate companies  like Tesco Lotus, Makro they all have an opening ceremony around the Spirit House. A new house or car is always blessed by monks for good luck.


This picture is typical of a Thai House being blessed. The monks come and food is provided for them, they sit and eat with family and bless the house… this is generally done before any furniture is bought into the house.

My garden also has a spirit house which was here when we moved in..I would have loved to touch the paint up but was advised that I should leave it as it was.


Now back to the diet, while trying to be mindful of what I eat I am discovering that vegetables are one of the ways to go and being aware. I have thought for a while that grain fed beef was good for you however I am changing my views and in these days of Gm foods etc Grain fed doesn’t hold such an attraction for me. It seems like quick way to fatten the calf so to speak whereas grass  fed obviously take longer to mature without additives so that’s the route I am taking. Seriously looking at where my food is made and raised and eating a diet filled with lots of veggies and raw to boot or very, very lightly steamed in some cases..so I am following the Thai way of eating .

What way of eating are you following? because I do a little Paleo and have found some lovely recipes which I will share at one point and on occassion I love ice cream …..whats your passion?


Batu and veggies

The fish is called Batu and is very similar to mackerel for the size of the fish it had quite a big backbone. It is quite an oily fish, this fish is also used for a dip like the one in the middle of the dish it is pounded together with chillies, lime also Pla or crab is sometimes added which is a acquired taste…I am getting to not like but can eat in small amounts…lol

Vegetables are varied and include long beans, white cabbage,cucumber,cauliflower, Thai basil, Grapow,banana flower, these white flowers( like lily heads) I don’t know the proper name and they are collected before the sun comes up, the flowers drop off overnight, lightly streamed after having removed stamen and eaten. They seem to be a little bit of a delicacy as only available at certain times of the year. Various vegetables of which I don’t know the names and when I ask the Thais don’t know the English translation.

This is why Thai’s are always eating as  most although it is on the increase, eat very little diary or carbs except for rice, sweet potato,yams. The diet generally is a healthy one as MS is also not as widely used as it once was.

Well that’s it for now stay safe, laugh a lot and be mindful and it will be Songcram here soon so we will be getting very, very wet….ha ha can’t wait…

18 thoughts on “Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you it is, I am glad to have a spirit house, most houses and stores do here… it is lovely to see how devout people are ..but more so how openly they go about their devotions…I love it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Silver Threading

    Carol, I helped to raise my two half-Thai daughters and slipped into Theravada Buddhism with my husband and daughters. Even my own children recognize Buddhism as the path they follow. I LOVE your Spirit Houses and so wish I had something similar. I will have to see what I can come up with. I do love the vegetarian eating of the Thai people. I had heard about the lily heads. I adore fish, and that one above looks fabulous. I have always been told that I must have been “Asian” in a past life because of my love of the food and religion! I just can’t get past the hot, sticky climate! LOL! ❤


    1. blondieaka Post author

      Colleen I remember you telling me that, you must have some fabulous memories because it is a special place here. I love the climate! I always try and find a house where the breeze however little has clear passage. At the moment I am surrounded by pineapple plantations and rubber trees and few houses so I get a lovely breeze ..most times. Doors and windows are permanently open.Being close to the sea helps but now I am moving inland it may be different. Where did you live in Thailand?

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  2. merrildsmith

    I agree, finding balance in one’s life is a good thing. Meditation or simply taking pauses to reflect and “chill” are helpful. I would be happy eating much of the things you mention (I don’t eat meat), but I would miss having bread, pizza, and cookies. 🙂


    1. blondieaka Post author

      Bread I can live without , it’s sweet here so that isn’t a problem, pizza not keen but found a lovely recipe for a ” pizza ” using very thinly sliced potatoes as a base. Cookies I can get if I want and I do sometimes..trust me …I do! 😉 NB: If you would like the potato pizza recipe I can send it to you 🙂


  3. anroworld

    Wonderful, Carol, it’s so wonderful to find a balance and stay calm for sometime. In our hectic world it’s so pleasant to hide under one of your palms at the beach, a very good idea! I like vegetables too!

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