Reading Hugh News latest post made me smile ..but a great little story caused by a Potato Peeler of all things. If you haven’t read it then Click Here this bought to mind one of my most spectacular Blackouts…..I don’t do things by halves…not this girl…ha ha


The queue was never-ending and I was hopping from foot to foot and thinking how come there is NEVER a queue for the gents…..What ladies do when that door closes has always been one of lifes great mystery’s.

Next thing I knew  my face was being lightly slapped and someone calling ” Carol, Carol ” opening my eyes I saw a drop dead gorgeous medic……I still needed to do that wee….” Come on girls, let this lady go through, the queue parted …” I’ll stand outside while you go love. Call me if you need anything” my brain was too foggy to answer that…

Well ,women being women you can just imagine the comments ” some people will do anything to jump the  queue”, my friends…ha ha…..” bet she did that on purpose, who wouldn’t want her pulse taken by him”…no sympathy whatsoever…I was hurt….Not!

That’s better…” Come on love…sit down and I will take your blood sugars” etc..they were fine, so against medical advice….I was fine really it was that queue. Up I got and completed my 26.2 miles….marathon

After all a promise is a promise and it was for a good cause.. Breast Cancer….the next time we aimed for the mens sign.SAM_7565..No more queuing for this lady!


Thank you Hugh for invoking that memory….I still have my medal….and my memories of that day………so everyone have a great week, laugh a lot and stay safe 😉


5 thoughts on “Blackout!

  1. Hugh's Views and News

    Well, congratulations on the 26.2 miles, Carol. I’ve only ever done a half marathon and it almost killed me. Mind you, it was my own fault because I did no training. I came in last but two.

    So glad us gents don’t have to queue. I’ve seen many ladies miss the start of the second half of shows, football matches, contests etc, because of those queues.

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      I promised my daughter who unforunately had breast cancer and she is a survivor…it was hard but I did the training and my youngest who didn’t was prepared to give up at 19 miles but would we let her? Oh No! The only blisters I had was was from my bra was twinkling with lights but my feet they were ok..ha ha…not done aught since…lol

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