What could be sweeter?

I thought long and hard about Hugh’s Challenge…well 5  minutes tops…lol….As we are unlikely to get any Easter Eggs here unless it’s a Kinder Egg and that’s not really an Easter Egg is it? Hugh has a lovely picture of an easter egg and you can read all about his challenge right here so Click Here .

I could have shown you a picture of Hot Cross Buns but they are not in the oven yet!

So my mind went back to my grandsons birthday and the lovely cake we bought him…which he ended up wearing .SAM_2740.JPG..courtesy of his father who thought it hilarious..they are always pranking each other….But  to me it is the sweetest photo and shows  what a great little sport he is.

I just love this  picture of him.

Lastly and this is the serious bit please take a quiet moment and remember , remember those poor souls who lost their lives in Brussels and those who didn’t but will live with it forever. May God Bless you all.

When you have done that laugh, stay safe and enjoy your friends and family…because the bastards won’t win!


Love you all xxxxx




19 thoughts on “What could be sweeter?

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you Roxanne….yes not a lot fazes him and he is always pranking his dad so it’s pretty much even with them two. Ha Ha..not so when I get caught in the middle..lol…Easter is quiet here we don’t get chocolate eggs here.Our next biggie is Songkram( Lots of water) If you venture out you get soaked ..everyone lines the roads with hoses, huge water pistols and it’s good fun and as it’s hot.. getting wet is a welcome bonus..ha ha. Have a lovely day 🙂

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