Chickpea Curry (Chana Ko Tarkari)

This recipe for Chickpea Curry  is from Nepali Cuisine posted by  Roxanne @ The Lemon and the Jar ……….Click Here for the recipe. I have adapted it slightly and used the Chattinad mix that I made last week instead of Curry powder. It is the first time I have made a chickpea curry and it is lovely and I will definitely be making it again.


The Chattinad curry mix which came from Madrassi @ a Tamilian Tale is really nice and one I will be making again although not yet as I have enough mix to make at least 2 more curries.

It is very quiet here as  Aston went to Udon Thani today so we won’t see him now until we move which hopefully won’t be long…mid April ish……So I am busy clearing out and using up from the freezer/fridge so tomorrow as I have a few packs of ripe bananas it will be muffins. I am hoping by the middle of next week I will have used up and cleaned out a fair few containers. I am definately on a roll today. If it isn’t gonna be used then it’s being binned and you know all those jars with about an inch of something in , now empty and cleaned out ..our little bottle man is going to have quite a lot of plastic and glass to collect this week..bless him. He works so hard up and down with his little trolley collecting bits here and there he could certainly put a few people in the western world to shame. He must walk a fair few miles a day and in this heat and he always has a smile.

So until next time…laugh a lot, be kind and stay safe…Love you all xxxx



10 thoughts on “Chickpea Curry (Chana Ko Tarkari)

  1. Gabi

    Hi dear, it’s been a long time, I hope you doing great, In Thailand there are no other options 😀 these chickpeas look so yummy but I am not sure it is easy to have all the ingredients here 😁

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Hi Gabi..lovely to hear form you and yes you should be able to get all the ingredients where you are. I thought most supermarkets had a herb/Indian section now? It is so easy to cook and very quick let me know how you get on….Thank you for your visit 🙂



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