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Grilled Lobster Tails and Elaine’s Rose Harrisa Spice Mix on Potatoes

Oh My! My all time favorite seafood is Lobster Tails and Harissa Potatoes…..a match made in heaven….yum 🙂

Lobster tails are the first thing I have grilled this spring. I knew they would be simple to grill and along with a garlic-butter sauce would make a great dinner. A nice addition to this simple dinner was using Elaine’s Rose Harrisa Spice Mix on my roasted potatoes. If you are looking for a spice mix to kick up your summer recipes (or anytime for that matter) give this mix a try. You will not be disappointed.

DSC_8774 DSC_8775


I wanted a spicy side to go with the lobster and since I just made up Elaine’s Rose Harrisa Spice Mix I decided to use it on potatoes. I just cut up new potatoes, added a little olive oil, sprinkled on the harrisa mix and baked for about 1 hour at 400°F. I love her spice mix and plan to use it with many dishes. I also posted Elaine’s spice mix separately…

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Lemon meringue parrot ice cream

Well….Among the ” Parrots” there is definitely a great recipe for some yummy ice cream and lemon meringue it sounds amazing…enjoy 🙂

ice cream magazine

lemon meringue parrot ©  lemon meringue parrot © meringue parrot ©  lemon meringue parrot ©

Once upon thyme, and whilst eating a galaxy bar, far away (in Cornwall), where resides an Eclectus pet parrot, love looms large, bread pudding and lemon meringue pie are considered currency.

lemon meringue parrot ©  lemon meringue parrot ©

Said parrot is both treasured and ruined respectively and also placated as petulant human child. Though children don’t usually have such a vivid, wondrous bright green plumage, or a sharp, raptor beak .  His most obvious human characteristic streak is, however, that of jealousy which cannot be vilified or bettered, he is a one woman bird, a somewhat commendable trait.

lemon meringue parrot ©  lemon meringue parrot ©

I was put into his ‘Mummies arms’ when I was born. Our Mothers were our reciprocal God Parents.  More of this in a post a couple of Christmases ago.  We are as near to sisters without being sisters as one could ever be, she describes us as cousins, obviously hasn’t thought that one through…. (nowt new there then).

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26 Week Challenge: ” F “

Well it could be describing moi, fun, feisty and fabulous! But it’s not!

So what pics do I have? Well plenty of food pics…not that you would know that….lol

Frothy coffee…no pics of that!…Fillings luverly, luscious cream oozing out of a doughnut or fillings in ones teeth..urgggggh!

I know.. Frogs…..I have lots in my garden, I love frogs……I will don’t hate me but love to eat them to.. yummy. But not these ones.


My lovely little tree frogs …

Frills….The lovely Lily in her frills and flounces.


Then it’s  my little baby birds saying ” Feed Me” mouths a gaping. The mum nests every time just outside my lounge window close but she is not scared.

nesting birds

This picture was taken last low season and we desperately need some rain as my well is dry ,not so dry in this picture the heavens opened and within 15 mins we were ” Flooded ” This was the main road from the airport.



So hope you have enjoyed my photos if you want to see some more for ” F”  then please visit   and check out the fire truck….until next time..have fun, laugh a lot and stay safe……Love you all 😉


A Roman Recipe Challenge Feast!

Loving the sound of the burger and I am not a burger girl……I fess up though ” wine” is mentioned in the recipe so it’s gotta be worth a try…he he

Natascha's Palace


Looking back on a culinary history is a very interesting hobby for me. I love it. Living in Spain, there is a strong influence of the Romans. I  was looking into this more deeply recently and discovered that many recipes fro that period survive until this day. Can you believe that?  I decided to have a Roman Recipe Challenge and as I read more about the Romans and food, I discovered several things.


Pompeii, a cosmopolitan city not far from Naples that was preserved  by the eruption of a volcano called Mount Vesuvius, has remains of fast food counters. They looked something like this!

The second image is from a fresco on a wall in Pompeii.

Another interesting discovery was this:roman

This is a tradition that has continued in Spain. There is never just one dish. You start with a salad or light appetizer, your main meal and for dessert…

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Life with Humans by Saangchai.


Woof….Saangchai here. Yes I know it’s been a while ..don’t you think I look cute with one ear cocked?

It’s been so busy here, my mistress is moving and I am going on an aeroplane…not sure what that is … friend told me it’s like a big bird and it goes high in the sky…woof..not sure if I like the sound of that…. woof.

But I will then get to see my little master, he has already gone and I miss him lots. He used to run and play rough and tumble with me lots and now it’s very quiet here…just tap, tap on the keyboard…woof..wish she would let me  get on here a little more..write, write, write that is all my mistress does… woof

Well that’s not true really, she does play with me and I get lots of nice treats, she cooks me chicken and fish and for treats , yum I get cheese…I love cheese woof.

I hope I like my new home..I have heard  my mistress talk about some Houdini who won’t be able to get out now unless he is taken for a walk…woof ..I wonder who that is..never met him  woof…..

Well got to go….. Gekos to chase WOOF!



Rava masala dosa

Don’t these look yum? So easy to make and it makes a change from a chicken and peppers filling got a bit more ooommmph. If you were wondering( I was) what Bengal gram is it’s chickpeas 🙂


Hi guys!! How are you all…

Masala dosa being a South Indian dish is quite popular in all parts of India. The best thing I like about south Indian dishes are they are light, less oily, simple ingredients & versatile. Masala dosa being the one of such versatile dish that you can have in breakfast or lunch or dinner. There are many options you can try with dosa, either it could be infilled masala (potato filling) or Mysore masala or rava.

img1461145719764 Crispy Rava masala dosa with coconut dip & sambhar

Traditionally South Indian recipe calls for rice & lentils soaked overnight & grinded to form a smooth batter & then fermented. But here I am going to share you a quick dosa recipe which is equally good, crispy & less time consuming. Semolina or sooja dosa are effortlessly quick & taste delicious. For masala I used potato onion filling. You…

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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Groups.

Hugh’s weekly challenge..Groups Please Click Here.

What portrays a group better than a bunch of lads letting of steam and having fun…..My grandson has a firm hold on that ball and looks like he is not letting go under any circumstances..ha ha….but rough and tumble is fun for these  lads  ……and that look of concentration..priceless…I hope they all keep that passion they have for the game of Rugby.

Tyler in action Fwb 2014

This is one of my favorite photos and one day I hope to see him running out at Twickenham the ” Home of English Rugby”   A nan’s ( and grandad’s) dream.

Stay safe, laugh a lot and have a fun filled week until next time love you all 🙂