26 Week Challenge: ” D “

Well what do we have for ” D ” mmmmm lets see. For  the lovely Cee’s photos, she who started this great challenge Please Click Here

Away we go then…Ohhhhhhh I love this challenge!

Drumming and no it’s not me in a paddy and drumming the fingers. It’s young Aston..

Now on to numero two……Dumplings! Made by my fellow scribe the lovely Lianne, my sweet Chinese friend who tells the most wonderful stories about her dreams and childhood in China and often accompanied by some wonderful authentic Chinese dishes.


Mmmmmm ” D ” is challenging.

Dunked….Did you partake in the Ice challenge when the world was going mad and tipping water….Ice cold over everyones heads……..Well ….we were having a lovely BBQ on the beach with family and friends, the sun was shining, drinks were flowing..my feet were aching somewhat so I parked my bum on the ice box..the rest is history…I will say everyone laughed like drains and did they help ME up…NO!…The one exception was my little grandson..bless him..the one ,the only one to help… I will add…..So instead of wetting my head  I wet the bum. You may of course laugh at the risk of being unfollowed, banned, blocked for ever and ever……Joking….Laugh away!


Can’t leave deserts out can we? These are beautiful Thai ones made with coconut cream , very sweet but delish.


I hope you have enjoyed my photos and are not having too much fun over my impromtu upside down Ice Bucket Challenge….ha ha

Until next time, stay safe , have fun and laugh a lot…..Hugs 🙂



18 thoughts on “26 Week Challenge: ” D “

      1. blondieaka Post author

        It was cold..trust me and around the time everyone was doing the Ice Bucket Challenge so I took that as my participation…ha ha and my little grandson was the only one who tried to help , everyone else was laughing like drains..lol..but it must have been funny..

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