26 Week Challenge: “E”

“E” for Eeeeeek what photos do I have that  begins with “E”  methinks my  fellow blogger also had to think hard, see what she came up with  Please Click Here

Well could be “Elephants” but as I live in Thailand they are called ” Chang” so I have a conundrum here…….Sod it! Elephants it is…..


This not so little baby comes down to the beach every afternoon to have a frolic in the sea if indeed an elephant does frolic..but he is so cute.

Now it gets harder……Excercise bikes our local park provides these they are definitely not state of the art but this is Thailand and I can peddle away..look out over the lake while the dog has a wander around. Heaven !

SAM_7061 SAM_7060

Lastly my little tree frogs eggs..a perfect ball.


Until next week when it’s the letter ” F ” which is a tad easier so until then..Have fun, laugh a lot and stay safe..love you all 🙂


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