Rava masala dosa

Don’t these look yum? So easy to make and it makes a change from a chicken and peppers filling got a bit more ooommmph. If you were wondering( I was) what Bengal gram is it’s chickpeas 🙂


Hi guys!! How are you all…

Masala dosa being a South Indian dish is quite popular in all parts of India. The best thing I like about south Indian dishes are they are light, less oily, simple ingredients & versatile. Masala dosa being the one of such versatile dish that you can have in breakfast or lunch or dinner. There are many options you can try with dosa, either it could be infilled masala (potato filling) or Mysore masala or rava.

img1461145719764 Crispy Rava masala dosa with coconut dip & sambhar

Traditionally South Indian recipe calls for rice & lentils soaked overnight & grinded to form a smooth batter & then fermented. But here I am going to share you a quick dosa recipe which is equally good, crispy & less time consuming. Semolina or sooja dosa are effortlessly quick & taste delicious. For masala I used potato onion filling. You…

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