26 Week Challenge: ” F “

Well it could be describing moi, fun, feisty and fabulous! But it’s not!

So what pics do I have? Well plenty of food pics…not that you would know that….lol

Frothy coffee…no pics of that!…Fillings luverly, luscious cream oozing out of a doughnut or fillings in ones teeth..urgggggh!

I know.. Frogs…..I have lots in my garden, I love frogs……I will add..now don’t hate me but love to eat them to.. yummy. But not these ones.


My lovely little tree frogs …

Frills….The lovely Lily in her frills and flounces.


Then it’s  my little baby birds saying ” Feed Me” mouths a gaping. The mum nests every time just outside my lounge window ..so close but she is not scared.

nesting birds

This picture was taken last low season and we desperately need some rain as my well is dry ,not so dry in this picture the heavens opened and within 15 mins we were ” Flooded ” This was the main road from the airport.



So hope you have enjoyed my photos if you want to see some more for ” F”  then please visit https://lumar1298.wordpress.com/2016/04/24/26-weeks-letter-challenge-f/..   and check out the fire truck….until next time..have fun, laugh a lot and stay safe……Love you all 😉



15 thoughts on “26 Week Challenge: ” F “

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Oh she does and thank you she is adorable..No I don’t either, floods scare me a bit but here it’s mainly because it comes down so fast the drains can’t cope and it’s gone once the rain stops and quite quickly 🙂



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