A Roman Recipe Challenge Feast!

Loving the sound of the burger and I am not a burger girl……I fess up though ” wine” is mentioned in the recipe so it’s gotta be worth a try…he he

Natascha's Palace


Looking back on a culinary history is a very interesting hobby for me. I love it. Living in Spain, there is a strong influence of the Romans. I  was looking into this more deeply recently and discovered that many recipes fro that period survive until this day. Can you believe that?  I decided to have a Roman Recipe Challenge and as I read more about the Romans and food, I discovered several things.


Pompeii, a cosmopolitan city not far from Naples that was preserved  by the eruption of a volcano called Mount Vesuvius, has remains of fast food counters. They looked something like this!

The second image is from a fresco on a wall in Pompeii.

Another interesting discovery was this:roman

This is a tradition that has continued in Spain. There is never just one dish. You start with a salad or light appetizer, your main meal and for dessert…

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