26 Week Photo Challenge: “G”

It’s that time of the week again and check out Lori’s “G” they are great pics. https://lumar1298.wordpress.com/2016/05/01/26-weeks-letter-challenge-g/comment-page-1/#comment-7854

Now it’s my turn..well my numero 1 has to be:

One of my favorites Thai ” Green Curry

If the pictures have tickled your taste buds then you can find the recipe here https://blondieaka.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/i-wont-be-impressed-with-technology-until-i-can-download-food/

Now let me see what else can I think of…… ” Grandad” teaching our grandson how to hold and shoot a gun at a local rifle range.

SAM_4152 SAM_4153

Next it be “Green ” and lots of it can be found  in my “Garden”. Can you see my lovely Curry Plant which I have natured from a very small seedling?

SAM_6978 SAM_6977 SAM_6976

Now let’s think ??????? my final one for this week is……. ” Gate ” and the bottom picture is young Saangchai when he was a lot smaller deciding wether or not he could squeeze underneath the gate……he couldn’t but soon found out that it took a lot more than our gates to keep young Houdini in…..Ha Ha

SAM_7001 SAM_7002 SAM_7000

Well that’s it until next week when it’s ” H ” mmmmmm easy peasy…..so stay safe, have fun and laugh a lot..until next time…love you all 🙂


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