Jammin’ with chillies

This is a definite must do! Chilli Jam no less ( which I have heard of but never, ever tasted)….Who else dares? Do you???

Fiona's Favourites

It’s been an interesting week.  Work on a new project, about which I shall share – in time;  the first real taste of winter which is the season of mists and glorious sunsets (notwithstanding that from around The Sandbag House, they have to be viewed through telephone and power lines).


What set this week apart, though, was not the public holiday, spectacular sunsets or the new project, but that people came knocking on our door looking for two of the products that I make and sell at the market.  Our village has transitional inhabitants:  swallows who spend summers with us and then flee to warmer climes as the cold weather approaches.  It was one such who appeared, very apologetically, at the door:  “Iss Fiona hier?” Mr Swiss Swallow asked, startling The Husband who was sitting on the sofa having a quiet cuppa.

“Yes, she’s in the office…”

“Do you think she hass…

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