Our Journey to our New Home with Saangchai.

We are now safely moved in and it was not without last-minute panics etc. Initially we were going to be flying with Saangchai as I thought a 18 hr plus journey would be too far for him. Just before we were going to embark..well 3 days before the airline wanted us to sign a disclosure as the ground temperatures were so hot…we all know that dogs left in parked cars in the heat don’t survive very long so sitting in a carrier on the runway for maybe an hour before he was loaded didn’t sound like a good plan to me…..then the airline decided that they didn’t either and were suspending flights for animals.

Conundrum… do we put him in kennels for a yet undetermined time…not an option.

So we decided to drive  and made him a nice bed in the back of the Fortuna which was fully air-cooled .

Woof, Saangchai here……what a nice comfy bed I got I reckon I had the best seat and we stopped lots of times so I could stretch my legs….it was a long journey 865 miles and then they got lost in Bangkok..sat navs are rubbish…but I showed them the way to go…don’t you think I am a star? WOOF

Woof… got to go, mistress is back from drinking her early morning cuppa….she will probably tell you now what a little or not so little angel I was…woof

Well looks like Saangchai has snuck in with his version of his journey….ha ha…I will say he was a perfect angel far better than I thought he would be and better than any kids I have travelled with cos at least he couldn’t say numerous times and at 5 minute intervals ” are we there yet?…how much longer?” Bet we can all relate to that..lol

Finally we arrived..well..arrived in Udon Thani…..then the ” fun” began. After picking up one’s grandson    we headed for the house….the agent said…” I will meet you and take you there”…..mmmmm…..well all the info we could get was ” I have a white car”  all the driving round and round and trying to get a make or find this ” white car” to say tempers were frayed is an understatement.

Finally we located her…..by now I was panicking… am I going to like this house……I love it!

It has so many cupboards and shelves( all glass)…oohhhh polishing……but even I cannot fill them…..but I have found a lovely place for my rocking horses….my office mmmmmm….desk is being moved again today…..I can’t think why hubby has that look on his face…..can you ladies????

My bedroom has a lovely hand painted mural above the bed


and I have a prayer room…for those of you who practise Buddhism you will know what I mean.

The garden is smaller but we have a fish pond..it needs some tlc but will be lovely and a pomegranate tree so it has promise…..My plants and herbs which I transported are unscathed unlike the rest of my goods and chattels…but we won’t go there..needless to say if I ever move again I will not be using THEM.

We have survived our first storm aka downpour after many months of drought, found all the leaks..mmmmmm and did the high street flood…Oh Yes!

SAM_7809 SAM_7810

That’s it for now but I will in future blogs be showing you the area which we have made our home… it is flat unlike the mountainous Phuket….no beaches but lakes and waterfalls and temples.

Until next time lots of love from Carol and Saangchai..Woof









14 thoughts on “Our Journey to our New Home with Saangchai.

    1. blondieaka Post author

      So am I Lynz…never again and never using local movers either had a few things damaged or missing… But nice to be in and cooking and writing 🙂


  1. Yvonne

    Moving home is a mixture of excitement and stress!

    I hope you’re soon settled in and everyone is happy with the new home. (I think Saangchia is quite adaptable, anyhow!)

    Liked by 1 person


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