Hugh’s Weekly Challenge…Vintage

Well in response to Hugh’s ” Vintage ” Challenge the first thing that springs to mind is me! I am clocking up the years…lol.  Hugh’s photos are here so  Please Click Here.

I remember the phone locks very well as my kids had no problem still using it…not so when the phone company’s introduced codes….That stopped the little buggers ( for a while)

I know what ….. I have a mincer which belonged to my dads mum and has been around the world with me…it is still in use when I can find a surface to which I can attach it to, many work tops are now so thick… but my kitchen work station is ideal, also I have 2 solid silver tablespoons which belonged to her which I constantly use.


Well now I am on a roll this little brass Scotty dog door knocker belonged to my dads mum and is of an indeterminate age which I can only guess at being at least 50 plus years..


I remember him being on my nans front door and always admired him. Thank you  Hugh for this challenge as it has bought back some lovely memories for me.






6 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Challenge…Vintage

  1. Hugh's Views and News

    That’s lovely to hear, Carol. I remember those mincers, as my parents also owned one, but it’s now long gone. I love the door knocker. How on earth did you come to get it off the front door? I’m sure it would be a collectors item.

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      I honesty can’t remember Hugh I think my dad must have taken it off the door for me as I was quite young when my nan passed away….It was just that I had always loved it…I have some very tiny eye glasses as well but as I had just moved I can’t remember where they are..somewhere safe I think in my writing desk.

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