My Life with Humans by Saangchai.

Woof..been a while…woof.. we have had no internet, water,water everywhere and no electric..nearly sorted… my mistress has been going mad at the shhhhhh….incompetence she reckons… even she ( and she is NOT) a roofer could find out where the water is coming in!!!

10 visits and still not fixed….woof…now ” the man” is saying ring me when the water is dripping through your ceiling…..woof… she mad!!!!

Think I will go and chew a bone…woof.



Anyway I am sure you want to know how I like my new house…woof…it’s ok!

I can’t get out! WOOF! No little holes I can escape through…woof

And that pesky , yappy little ball of fluff  that lives opposite…needs telling …if you gonna bark have a proper bark like me! not this little, squeaky..yap, yap yap…..woof.

Good news is I have lots and lots of little frogs to play with… when it rains they all come out and jump about but when I try to play with them ….and put my paw on them ….they don’t move anymore…woof…not much fun…woof…..and I get told justice woof…. I just want to play….

Gonna play now little master is up..yehhhhhh…see ya….woof


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