The Happiness Award.

Thank you Steph for nominating me I am so pleased I make you laugh…I normally don’t do awards..they give me brain freeze…but as I love being happy…I will just for you….thank you sweetie 🙂

To Have the happiness tag you must list
5. Things that make you happy.
5. Songs that make you happy.
5. Bloggers that make you happy.
Let them know you nominate them and you are done.


What makes me a  happy bunny????

5 things..oh dear( this is why I don’t like awards) I have to think! and it hurts my brain but for you Steph here goes.

  1. Who doesn’t like sunshine? The sight of the sun just makes me smile…I love it! But a beautiful sunset gets me every time.
  2. SAM_2833
  3. My Rocking Horse collection…………………. SAM_7948Every time I dust it they bring back so many memories of the people who gave them to me or the place I was when I discovered it. Memories it’s called I suppose…… always make me smile.
  4. People…I have enjoyed smiles and laughter with so many wonderful people during my lifetime and this includes family, friends, people I have met but for a brief period and have had some wonderful belly laughing moments with. That lady ” who comes from the Windy City” so much fun we had on that night..we laughed till we cried..never seen her again but I remember that night vividly it is etched on my brain for eternity. My stomach still aches from laughing.
  5. Music…..I love ..can’t do video’s as I don’t know how to attach them to my blog. But so many.. Barbara Streisand ” Woman In Love”….. Frank Sinatra ” That”s Life”….The one and Only Elvis…..”Rock around the clock” .. I love to jive…. Oh and ” Jive Bunny”  and not forgetting ‘ Sir Rod” himself 11050253_10153276516376341_2231318908206055362_n I so love this picture of him what a smile!
  6. Writing and that goes without saying…blogging..wish I had started years ago …I have met sooo many virtual friends..lovely people. My is my baby..I haven’t a clue about the ending..yet!….The people who have encouraged me to write ..amazing…I just can’t believe how much people I had never met before I came here…who have encouraged and nurtured me….Thank you…you just don’t know how much that means to me. Who would have thought ( at my age) putting pen to paper….

Five bloggers who make me happy.

Steph  is now out of the running as she nominated me so here goes.

Ritu from never fails to make me smile.

Irlandair all fairy dust and hugs and you never fail to make me smile.

Ana from well the name says it all…always happy and promoting happiness. Her blogs area joy to read.

Madraasi from well happiness is food and great food makes me smile 🙂 This lady makes the best Indian food…I just adore her recipes.

Last but not least George from his post this week is ” Smile” and by all accounts he has been singing this song to himself all week so a fitting ending to my 5 happy bloggers.

Thank you for brightening my day 🙂

Oh and just because I can…. ha ha


My ” Luffa” plant and it’s only 12 days old…….never in my life  have I seen such amazing, fast growth..mmmmmm ” The Day of the Triffids ” is beginning to feature in my thoughts……….

Ha ha and who noticed that I muddled the questions? That’s what too much thinking does for me!


19 thoughts on “The Happiness Award.

  1. irlandairlanda

    Hi, Carol, first of all congratulations for the Award, and thank you for nominating my Blog, and for your beautiful words. I share with my friends bloggers and followers, the awards.
    Your responses were direct from your soul. Good luck with your book. I am participating in a call for short stories. It is my desire that my story be elected. My goal is to publish a book with all my short stories, of fairys and elfs.
    I appreciate so beautiful surprise. I leave you hugs full of magic for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Oh Bless are very welcome. I wish you lots of luck with your short stories…our second Anthology( Phuket Writers) will be out soon so I know how excited must be . Big magic hugs sprinkled with fairy dust 🙂


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  4. blondieaka Post author

    No worries Steph if I make my readers happy then that’s a bonus and the thinking …well need to think occassionally…I just went award free because I was getting too many. The luffa yes it’s on a roll galloping away 🙂 It’s early evening here now as you know so am on the vino..well you have to do it..can’t wait to meet you when you come over I may have a partner in crime????



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