A-Z Challenge( People Edition) 2nd Post.

This is my second post on the A-Z  challenge…The brain child of https://gapawa.com/2016/05/24/a-z-challenge-people-edition/ It won’t be daily but whenever I find that blog! I am having so much fun looking for that blog the one that stops me in my tracks! The one I really like and want to write about. Firstly I look at my faithful band of followers whose posts I love….the problem is so far I have found zilch at the beginning of the alphabet so have been trawling the web…..and oh what an eye opener that has been….what crap some people write…..

But after much deliberation and frustration I have found some little gems…yehhhhh!

” Luffa ” Update….it’s reached the top of the pot…..just saying!

Food blogs I love…. mainly Thai closely followed by Indian…. but either they are so ” famous” they don’t need any help from Moi and so full of adverts that it inhibits my reading….I just want to see the recipe!

Anyway I digress and I found …quite by chance a ” Humour blog! and I love it..it’s my type of humour and can be found at http://bunkaryudo.com/


Now who puts a paper bag on their head…Bun ( as he is affectionately) called does..ha ha well I had the best time wandering through as he chatted about old bags, pigeon poop, one thousand words on the inside of a ping pong ball!

I am still smiling and underneath that bag I reckon is an intelligent guy with a wicked sense of humour and I bet if you read one post you will read two….

But  on a serious note he…Bun tells you ( depending) on where you live….mmmm he left me out…but I forgive him that…when you will recieve his post.

Ha Ha  just read ” The Ghost of Christmas Presents ”  this blog is addictive and if I had a glass of wine in my hand at the moment..but I haven’t it’s only 6.40 I would choke….this man must be British or have some British blood in his veins he is funny and will be my go to blog if I am having a bad day…

Thank you Bun 🙂

I will be back sometime and I promise I will find some brilliant blogs for you…gotta be a good one to top this but I will find you…you can’t hide…. so if your blog name starts with “C” I am coming!  Or if you have a wicked blog and want a bit of promo and it starts with the letter ” C” then contact me….Now there is an  offer you can’t refuse 😉








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