It’s still growing!


Wow they just keep on growing, my ” Luffa” babies are now 2 weeks old.

Nothing I have ever grown has grown this quick… I just hope I don’t wake up one morning and they have taken over…….

Well not much more I can say about these until they produce flowers and Loofah’s.

If you have read this far and not lost will to live as you have  ” Luffa ” overload then I am now going to rant!!

This new A-Z ( People Edition) challenge I am doing has led me to reading lots of different blogs…I am now trawling through any blog beginning with ” C”……My rant is do some of you not want people to follow your blog????? Do you just write for yourself??? Because the amount of Gravatar’s that have a very nice picture of a cat or suchlike but nothing else. is unbelievable, I can’t access your blog and like anything. Even some people who like my blog…I can’t reciprocate cos you don’t tell me how…it is really frustrating…so pretty pleasssse check your Gravatar and if you have no contact details and want people to follow you, like you, make a comment on your blog please add your web address and we can do it!

Rant Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love you all Carol 🙂




9 thoughts on “It’s still growing!

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you don’t they? That’s a shame but I’m sure yours will grow just as quick when you do plant the seeds…Mine are getting a soaking at the moment but it will prob be brilliant sun later so ( if not I wil move them undercover. And it’s cold at the moment only 25 dgrees 🙂

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  1. purpleslobinrecovery

    Hi CArol, congrats!! Why are there 2 different shaped leaves in the pot??
    I have the same trouble with those people. They follow my blog, and I have no way to tahnak them!! Frustration personified! Going now to check MY gravatar…


    1. blondieaka Post author

      I know it is growing so fast infact I moved my advocado round that side of the garden maybe its warmer, it did say soil temp had to be at least 87 for them to germinate so there is hope for my advocado pips…fingers crossed 🙂

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