My “Luffa” babies are 3 weeks old!

From this ……


To this in just 3 weeks!


So guys and gals just so you don’t get bored with me banging on about my babies…  there will be no further updates until they are at least half way grown….I am going to plant them out in a few days . First I need to get some nice sturdy twigs to train them up…got to give them a helping hand. Then I will sit and wait until they are fully grown and producing flowers. Exciting.. I can’t wait to try the gourd and cook with it… and then when they bigger I will have my own home grown ” Loofah”

It doesn’t much to excite me does it????

Until next time ..thank you for your likes and follows, stay safe, laugh a lot and be happy!



20 thoughts on “My “Luffa” babies are 3 weeks old!

  1. stephrichmond

    Brilliant. I love watching these grow & it’s taking no effort on my part. Best gardening I’ve ever done 😂 could you add a photo of them at the bottom of every post so that I can watch them grow. I can’t wait until they’re ready to cook with to see them again. 😎

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      1. blondieaka Post author

        Oh…I hadn’t thought of that stuffing the blossoms…good idea idea Yvonne 🙂 My friend messaged yesterday and said she had seen a stall of Loofahs at her local market ..all different sizes and she never took a picture for me 😦 Have a lovely day 🙂

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