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Strawberries in purgatory, a strawberry chilly chilli sorbet

Not only do you get icecream but a wonderful little story woven everything about this blog/magazine..Amazing 🙂

ice cream magazine

The snobberies of “fein dining” anyone? Cool strawberry sorbet delicately embroidered with chilli?  Well hardly, she’s just a cheeky little strawberry sorbet, though pert and perky, with a pop of fireworks.  M’lady remains a portrait of serene beauty, sweet, of a firm curvaceous figure. Though ruddy complexion, from pale and insignificant she becomes very red-faced, a little seedy on the outside with a rather hairy chin, whist sporting a rather risqué green hat, she remains highly popular at sporting events at this time of year.

strawberries in purgatory sorbet ©  strawberries in purgatory sorbet ©  Strawberries growing © in purgatory sorbet ©  strawberries in purgatory sorbet ©

A quintessential part of a (currently soggy) luxurious golden English summer. Her melange of sweet and sharp tintilates the taste buds with nefarious flare. Courting said taste buds, she remains plumptous and occasionally a little tart! The sullen beauty sweetly prevalent now has the yearning  to be come a vamp, a red lipstick lady in red who can be hot stuff too? Wanten, brazen, she decides…

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Sliced fish with ginger sauce (yue pin geury jup)

I have a lot of ginger so this will be a defo for new dish to try this week and we love fish…Thank you Peggy

What's cooking on page 32

sauce, marinade ingredients

The commonsense Indonesian and Malaysian cookery book, 124pp.
by Ella Mei Wong
Angus and Robertson Publishers, Sydney, 1978
Cooking on page 32

Until I started to write this post, I hadn’t realised that this book is part of a series of commonsense cookery books. There’s a general edition, as well as Indian, Greek, International and Chinese versions, with the latter also written by Ella Mei Wong.

I’ve never seen any of the others on my expeditions through second-hand bookstores, but I’ll be on the lookout in future.

As far as I can tell, Wong has written about 10 cookbooks with most focusing on Chinese food. She has been a noted teacher of Chinese and Southeast Asia cooking, and is well-known in the Far East for her television programs on food and home economics.

I can’t remember when or where I bought this book, but $6.50 is written in pencil on the…

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I have recently started writing for this New York based website please give me a hand by following me and if you like my stories as well that would be a lovely bonus for me  ….Please Click this link below


Love you all ..Thank you muchly 🙂

26 Week Letter challenge “S”

It’s that time again folks click here to see these lovely photos for ” S” … lets see if I can find some….


So many….Statues, Spices( where would I be without them), Smiles ( Well this is the land of smiles),Squid ( sizzling on the grill), Sausage Rolls, Sunset, Saangchai ( how could we leave him out), Sam ( Our beautiful Boy), Shooting( Grandad showing Aston how to aim), Spiders( Yuck, plenty of them here), Smoke ( Always smoke and firecrackers)..phew…   that was easy 🙂


Well that’s it week it’s “T” will that be as easy?????

Green chicken

This is something different …I love all these ingredients but have not tried them together..guess what we are having for dinner?


This is the Green Chicken!  A kilo of chicken, chopped into small pieces, green chilli, coriander, some mint, green onions and the usual salt to taste. Of course, to give it some more spice, I threw in half a teaspoon of black pepper powder as well.
Chop a bunch of onions, the green chilli (a few), the coriander and the mint leaves in a chopper and keep aside. Also add some garlic and ginger, finely chopped. Clean two bunch of fresh spinach leaves and boil for a couple of minutes and keep aside as well.
Fry the chicken in a little oil and throw in the onion mixture. Fry until the chicken is golden brown. Then add the spinach after causing with a fork so that the leaves are not pasty but broken.
Cook for 15 to 20 minutes on a low flame.
Serve with Indian flatbread, or steamed rice, or…

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Tuesdays of Texture.

Well I like a challenge as you know and yes peeps I know..I know…  It’s Sunday not Tuesday but just because I can.It’s my blog..ha ha

It is the brainchild of this lady

My Offering to Textures is The Mangroves.


The textures of the roots and the eerie atmosphere as we glided past( well chugged) we were in a Long tail Boat…. gave me the idea for a short story…..which involved a Pink Ape….do not ask….I have this brain which goes of at any given time on a  tangent and who knows where it will  lead me…..The Story of the Pink Ape… read that you need to follow me on

Are you tempted? You know you are…..Love you all 🙂



Teriyaki Marinated Steak

This looks amazing doesn’t it?..It had Jamie salivating so definately one to try..

Frugal Hausfrau

There was a time when Flank steak was cheap! And so it goes with sudden popularity – a rise in price. Never mind that, though, because back in the day my Mom made this recipe with the elusive “London Broil.” Well, “almost” this recipe because I’ve up the game and the flavor on this old workhorse recipe.

Teriyaki Marinated Steak Teriyaki Marinated Steak

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