Do I Like My Coffee Black? Are There Other Colors?

Coffee is something that I drink very rarely but I do love a good one when I do..I chanced upon this post about roasting coffee beans and I thought it was great..I love coming across the unexpected 🙂

Caffeinated in Kentucky

As promised (or threatened, depending on your tolerance for this level of detail about coffee roasting), here are my collected notes for the latest batch of coffee beans from Burman’s Coffee that I’ve been roasting these last few months. So without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it, shall we?  (The tasting notes for each coffee come straight from the Burman’s website, and my observations are all based on my experiences of roasting 4 oz batches – unless otherwise noted – in my Nesco Professional Roaster. And for those unfamiliar with the Nesco Roaster, time settings include a 5 minute cool-down time. So setting a roast time of 21 minutes effectively means a 16 minute roast, followed by 5 minutes of cooling.))

coffee, roasting Costa Rican SHB EP Tarrazu La Pastora after roasting

Costa Rican SHB EP Tarrazu La Pastora

Tasting Notes:  The aroma is floral and sweet like honey…

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