Tuesdays of Texture.

Well I like a challenge as you know and yes peeps I know..I know…  It’s Sunday not Tuesday but just because I can.It’s my blog..ha ha

It is the brainchild of this lady


My Offering to Textures is The Mangroves.


The textures of the roots and the eerie atmosphere as we glided past( well chugged) we were in a Long tail Boat…. gave me the idea for a short story…..which involved a Pink Ape….do not ask….I have this brain which goes of at any given time on a  tangent and who knows where it will  lead me…..The Story of the Pink Ape…..to read that you need to follow me on https://mytrendingstories.com/

Are you tempted? You know you are…..Love you all 🙂




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