I have a plan!

Woman typing

Oh yes I do! I keep telling myself that…. I have re-written my white board.

I have allocated myself time slots for WordPress, Niume,mytrendingstories, my novel, Research…Now all 5 of these are important ( to me)

I have booked regular Skype meeting with my publisher and she will crack the proverbial whip!  I am in no  doubt about that…Why?….Because I am..she is fierce…well …a pussy cat really!..

I have in the past:-

Shilly-shallayed, hesitated, dithered, dawdled, pondered,lingered, too long on reading blogs, trying to fathom Twitter, Scrivener, You name it….I just do it..no concept of time and before I know it…The day has gone….Disappeared 😦

So the time has come……A new me….an organised me….with time slots…..will it work????

Who knows…..I will set my timer…Oh yes….A Timer!

I have set myself a break…. Time to check mail, FB, etc, etc, etc…………And time to shop, cook and explore my surroundings, (although that could be classed as research) Mmmmmm

Pondering now….What does Vino time come under???????????

Will this turn out to be ” The best laid plans of man and mice” scenario????? Or will it WORK???????

Answers on a postage stamp…Please………

Love you all 🙂


16 thoughts on “I have a plan!

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  2. Sandra J. Jackson

    Good luck! I’ve tried editorial calendars and while it was great scheduling everything (posts included on all my social media sites) it was time consuming just planning the calendar. It is amazing how you can tell yourself you’ll just spent a few minutes on this and a few on that and before you know it … poof… the day is gone.


    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you Steve…I have to try something as I am not getting everything I need to done and it’s not too much it’s just that I am not organised enough ….I may need to find a happy medium 🙂 We will see 🙂

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