#r2bcheerful1 – Summer

Oh I love a challenge and I think this is surely going to be one…..It’s all Richards fault…..Pass the buck time….ha ha….Not!


Well the gauntlet has been picked up….You just know you gonna regret this Carol…..You will…….



A reason to be cheerful for sure……

Some of these boys have very little..apart from their friends , their family but their sunny smiles always cheer me up…..This is certainly the Land of Smiles and it’s summertime virtually all year round…I have one wardrobe of clothes and all summer clothes…no boots, socks, woolly jumpers, vests, thermals, hats, scarves…..just flip flops and t/shirts…..I love summertime……




Well 1 down…….How many to go Richard ????????????????

#r2bcheerful #r2bcheerful1

But I am still lonely over on Niume…Join me….https://niume.com/?ambassadorID=42183

It’s fun ..for sure…




5 thoughts on “#r2bcheerful1 – Summer

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you Richard. I will look forward to seeing you on Niume they will love your Photographs, there is a separate Sphere for everything so anyone who wants to post their photos and appreciates good photos can go straight to them not general as other sites 🙂



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