He wears it( very well)

Rod Stewart has finally been given a knighthood at Buckingham Palace after being honoured in the Queen’s 90th birthday honours list.

Photo credit :Independent print Ltd.

The British rocker, has promised to “Wear it well

 I have been a follower of Rod Stewart since well…..a long time….I first saw him in a small, very small hut behind a pub in the St Margaret’s in Ware, Hertfordshire, UK.

It would never ever be allowed now as there was one door in and same door out! Health and Safety would be having kittens…ha ha

We were jammed in like sardines in a can and loved it!

I also saw him at Brays Grove Youth Club when he was a vocalist for Shotgun Express which was a R & B/white soul act. It was Mick Fleetwood (drums) who took on board the vocalists Rod Stewart (b. Roderick David Stewart) and Beryl Marden. Their single in October 1966, ‘I Could Feel The Whole World Turning’ was a promising debut, showcasing the two vocalists interwoven voices. However, Stewart quit to join the Jeff Beck Group in February 1967. the band split up soon after Stewart’s departure.

He also was a vocalist for Steampacket with Long John Baldry. Then with Ronnie Wood and The Faces…..

Brays Grove Youth was a venue for many up and coming bands who then went on to make the big time…little did we know that at the time… And I can still hear my father  saying ” turn that muck off they won’t be around in a years time”

And now he has been knighted and well deserved it is…

Congratulations Sir Rod Stewart….


5 thoughts on “He wears it( very well)

    1. blondieaka Post author

      So do I and my litle grandaughter is well trained she just puts it for me now even if anything else is playing and tells everyone nannie likes this..ha ha..bless her



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