Luffa and Other Updates.

Well my Luffa is at least 10/12 ft tall in we planted at the foot of a tree to give it something to climb up,  not anticipating that it would keep climbing…And it sure has…

I have had to hang out of the bedroom window as it’s so high up to get this picture and I don’t know how I am going to get the Luffa ..will have to wait for it to drop…Loofah 1.jpg

This post is also to see if what Hugh advised has worked …Thank you Hugh.

Saangchai also said ” Woof” and sorry he hasn’t been around but been busy digging the garden up…..and hasn’t been able to beat me to the keyboard.

Ha Ha Saangchai got be quicker….

My leak is still leaking….grrrrrr

I am enjoying Niume immensly and getting paid( had my first) paycheck..yehhhhh and if you follow me over to Nuime and post then you will get paid too…so win, win

One of my friends will be visiting me from the Uk in 3 weeks so I am very excited….Got my M & S order done….Do you know they don’t deliver here…unless..get this…I go the Uk..order it and they will send it here….mmmmmm scratchy head time….

Best news….yehhhhh…I have an oven…Oh yehhhhh

What else??? Oh yes…. Our 2nd Anthology is now available as a download…do I have the link..waiting for it…But wanted  to test out Hugh’s advice…

I am working hard on my novel….I am…That’s why Saangchai can’t get a look in….

Well that’s enough of my rambles for now….

Except I still can’t get the hang of Twitter….

Until next time ….









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