Good morning from sunny Thailand….I hope you are all well….

As you probably know I have been busy on Niume and I have seen few of you there which is lovely…..Well Niume are very proactive for their “Niumers” and last week sent us a short utube video on Flipboard.

My first thought was …Oh No! Not More…I can’t take it….Well one of my fellow niumers posted that he had great success…..Well….I am not one to pass up a challenge  so I ventured over to FLIPBOARD…….Well eventually because it isn’t compatible with Windows….

So I had to reinstall Chrome( which) I hate with a passion…..

Why ????? Because it picks up my IP address and although I set the language to English…. if I copy for example all the text and my headers are in Thai….I don’t read Thai!

If I google it there are so many comments all saying same and lots of hair tearing out! I spied a U tube video….Yay! I thought….How to change all this to English…Well it was in fr………ing Thai…..Urghhhhh.

Anyway I digress and have had my rant for the day.


This post for Asian beef….Got    2.1 K reads …..YES GUYS …..In one day….. 

It is easy..you sign up, set up a magazine..post your post and that’s it!

The  easiest thing I have ever done….It seems to me it is just a stepping stone to your posts… a bridge and when anybody opens it, it takes them to your original post. ….Simples as the Meercats say.



2.iK   I am still gobsmacked.

So if you haven’t already pop over and let me know how you get on 🙂



Have a lovely day 🙂



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