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Why you need a unique Gravatar — jean’s writing

We all need a great Gravatar and one reflects us at our best….Here is an great article from Jean to help you do that…..

Please enjoy this “Best of Jean’s Writing” as you relax with family and friends. Today’s letter in the A-Z Challenge is G. G= Gravatar Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. An Avatar is a graphical representation of you or your business. It can be a picture or icon … Source: Why you need a unique Gravatar I hope […]

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Ajaico… A Colombian Chicken Soup.

I am merrily posting a dish begining with A for the next week and then B AND SO ON….I am so rude I didn’t ask if anyone else would like to join me…Just tag your posts # A-Z OF FOOD#

To make it harder I am going to do it daily for a week before I go onto the next letter of the alphabet…. It’s more fun…..It really is…and I bet you cooks out there can come up with some cracking recipes….. So come… Let’s Cook!


First of all, I am continuing my A-Z theme of food and it should be a revelation to me as well…lol…..I have already discovered a lovely Chicken and Potato Soup which originated many moons ago in Columbia and is now a well-known national dish and is a very welcome meal on a snowy, blustery winter night when there is a chill in the wind and you need a hearty warming dish.

Header Image and picture: Pixabay ajaico-chicken-and-corn

Source: Ajaico… A Colombian Chicken Soup.

Asparagus and Prawn Stir Fry.

For this week I will be posting recipes beginning with the letter A…….   They will be varied and dishes from around the world…. next week it will be B and so forth…. most recipes will be quick and easy….. The first will be a  Thai stir fry with chilli, lemongrass and lime leaves. A marriage made in a wok…..Asparagus and Prawns.

Source: Asparagus and Prawn Stir Fry.

Greek Chicken and Artichoke Pasta.

Just for Andria…I hope you like this, I know how you feel all that Christmas fare and we want something different don’t we and a little of what we fancy does us good….. Doesn’t it girls???So let’s go Greek….Enjoy!

Image Pixabay

Source: Greek Chicken and Artichoke Pasta.


There are so many permutations of this dish and all wonderful in their own way…Our version, 5 ingredients plus mayo and you have a beautiful slaw to eat with anything…So….Lets Cook!

I add no sugar as carrots and apples are naturally sweet. Just fresh vegetables and a little mayo.  Enjoy!

Source: Coleslaw