All I want for christmas is??????


Look at those happy smiles…Happy to have a tree to climb, a pond to fish in…and if they had a bike well…Instead they ride the tuk-tuk bike with my grandson riding the bike and all of them in the side car…would that allowed anywhere else???? probably not….we say don’t drive too fast…he comes standing on end so we know the foot was floored…ha ha…but it’s country roads/ tracks, not a lot of traffic..a few cows meandering along and they have fun….christmas to them is some small token…


Christmas is not fully celebrated here unlike New Year. It is only the more westernised Thai’s and obviously those of us who live here from other parts of the world.

Christmas is much lower key and not commercialised like in western countries. The children if asked would think awhile and ask for one thing.

I asked a little lad the other week ( when) I was in the village where my grandson’s Nannie and family live. He thought long and hard and said anything as long as it’s ” Green.” At his age(5) I don’t think he was thinking

Another time when I was enquiring if a child would like ????? the answer I got was basically No! we can’t eat toys!

So we compromise here to a point…I get given freshly picked rice and veggies and sometimes a lovely Thai Massage.

I buy ” The fluffy Bits” a saying that evolved many years ago by my dear departed friend and I think it applies here…so I buy the little girls pretty dresses or shoes, the boys a car or a comic with a free gift…You would think they had been given the moon…..

It is so refreshing and the kids are a joy to be around….sometimes I cook spaghetti or carbonara.. it will be this time as they like to try our food..some like it..some don’t and out come the chillies ..but we are always, always met with smiles and more smiles…


So I will be shopping for things that they don’t get often or certainly not new as hand me downs are a regular occurrence here…I cannot throw anything away…I just take to the village or leave outside my gate and it’s gone within seconds.

I may get left a bunch of fresh herbs and that is lovely…or bought a bunch of bananas or some limes…

It is definitely the ” Land of Smiles ” and I love it here… I am accepted and included in their festivities… I even keep my own wine glass in the village…



It is a simple life but a happy one…

0ver the next few days I will be shopping for those little guys as I just love those smiley faces( which) hide a lot because I have seen where they really live and what they really have…But they really do have genuine smiles for me…

For some, I will be posting a gift ( my sons) idea as they don’t receive parcels through the post so I am sure it will be a lovely surprise for them a small toy and an item of clothing so mum will be pleased and the child will get a small toy and I won’t be told they can’t eat that so everyone will be happy…

This year on our Christmas day some are coming from the village to our home on Christmas day…I wonder what they will think of our traditional Christmas? Although I will be adding a few chillies and some rice and fish to the table as Iknow they will eat the turkey and vegetable but not potatoes and some other foods…But they like pigs in blankets and funnily enough Christmas pudding so it will be a mixed table but I am sure a happy one…I hope… a joining of two cultures…

So all I really want for Christmas is Peace on earth and Goodwill to all men..for wars to stop, for all children to be safe, have a bed to sleep in and a full tummy…A cure not only for the Big C but other debilitating diseases…Oh, my list is endless…For me, I am happy with a glass of vino x

When you are buying all these expensive toys and clothes for your kids please spare a thought for those less fortunate at Christmas and maybe buy a toy or other small gift for a charity. It will make you feel all warm inside and surely that is what Christmas is about love and goodwill to all men…






25 thoughts on “All I want for christmas is??????

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you Annie…It was funny because…. Aston piped up really quick and said is a green dress ok then and of course it had everyone laughing except the poor kid…bless him..


  2. Leslie Ewart

    What a lovely post! Just what we need at this time of year, along with the smiles of all those little boys. One time at Surin beach, we watched the little daughter of one of the workers sitting in the back of his truck playing happily with a bucket and a stick, while our grandkids were ‘bored’ with all their toys. It also brings to mind my grandmother who grew up on a farm and was happy to get an orange for Christmas! You’ll surely have a happy Christmas lit up by all those smiles!


    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you Leslie for your kind comment and yes..I have noticed the difference in my own grandson who was born and spend his first 6 years in the Uk…he has lived here for 5yrs now and is happier , more contented and doesn’t ask for much …I know they don’t see it so much but when he is not at school he is outside playing and happy 🙂


  3. LydiaA1614

    It is interesting to know that there are parts of the world where getting “stuff” isn’t that important, even to the kids. I think we just sometimes take for granted that all kids want toys and games. Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you and yes it is..and it is refreshing ….but money is ight in a lot of homes here. When we say we have nothing to eat what we mean is nothing we fancy we go and stock our cupboards and fridges even more. If someone says that here..they really have nothing to eat but they share and eat as a community or neighbours a lot of the time which is lovely….

      Liked by 2 people

      1. LydiaA1614

        Yes, I understand what you mean. I think all of us with first world “problems” need to get a taste of the third world sometimes to really appreciate what we have and more important what they don’t.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Yvonne

    I did enjoy reading this, and hearing that there are still places where commercialism isn’t king!

    I wish we could do something about the many people who have been uprooted from their homes and homelands, for various reasons.


    1. blondieaka Post author

      So do I Yvonne but it probably isn’t as simple as that anymore… A shame but I remember my mum telling us they were evacuated in the war and maybe that should come back or something similar so people can help fight for their country…I don’t think the answer is resettlement all the time.

      Liked by 1 person


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