Blogmas 2016….No Turkeys!


We have hunted high and low over the North East of Thailand  for a Turkey….For those of you who can buy turkey any day of the year ….I bet you cannot  imagine this scenario….

No Turkey! Nada! Zilch! No Have!

So off we go….still no turkey but a Beef Butcher…..The first I have seen here and it was red and looked well hung not the normal pale pink that beef is here and is likened to what you sole your shoes  with…..Proper Beef.

So out comes my copy of “Delicious” magazine with the said picture of a glorious looking Rib of Beef…..gracing the front cover.

Instead of the normal shaking of heads and look that says ‘ why you want this?” and us pointing at our own ribs and a light bulb moment happens …

And then the shaking of heads….” No Have”

Or like last year we got promised ….You come back.?..I get…

We go back …he NOT get….grrrrrrrr

No! Not this year he bustles about opening chillers and brings out this “Rib Of Beef

We were salivating folks and lots of smiles and nods going on….

We are now the proud owners of a lovely “Rib of Beef” for our Christmas table….not turkey but Hey Ho…Santa has been good…


Now where to get that  Horseradish?……



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