Blogmas 2016 …What are your favorite Christmas movies???

What are you all time favorite Christmas shows or Movies?????


So many and as I am thinking about it I am changing my mind….

I mean Home Alone  has to feature in it somewhere doesn’t it? and  Mrs Browns Boys…he/she has me in fits…..I just love it!

Scrooge…A Christmas Carol.


Mr Bean… stuffing the Christmas Turkey…well…I remember one year myself and some friends went to Denmark for the Christmas Markets. Well… The Danes are lovely people but quite reserved (in public).

The hotel we were staying in was playing Mr Bean on the tv screen in the hotel reception area and a group of people were watching it….Well…not even a titter…



We just sat open mouthed and watched and for the whole show nothing…Nada… complete silence…The only noise breaking the silence was …us…..I will say no more …The waiter thought we were all very nice but loud….Can’t think why????

The Muppets A Christmas Carol… funny!


Miracle on 34th Street….I used to love this film and could watch it over and over again which in fact we did because the BBC….Just love repeats!



Del Boy  now would it be christmas without him and those only Fools and Horses classics

The Grinch who stole Christmas…Loved it!

Don’t expose him to bright light.DON’T let him get wet. AND don’t EVER, EVER….

It’s none other than The Gremlins. Evil little so and so’s that we loved!

And Ladies….Bruce Willis…need I say more…who wouldn’t like a bit of Bruce Willis at Christmas?



And last of my favorites but definitely not least ….None other than The Vicar of Dibley and the lovely Dawn French.

So what’s YOUR favorite film of show?






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