Ajaico… A Colombian Chicken Soup.

I am merrily posting a dish begining with A for the next week and then B AND SO ON….I am so rude I didn’t ask if anyone else would like to join me…Just tag your posts # A-Z OF FOOD#

To make it harder I am going to do it daily for a week before I go onto the next letter of the alphabet…. It’s more fun…..It really is…and I bet you cooks out there can come up with some cracking recipes….. So come… Let’s Cook!


First of all, I am continuing my A-Z theme of food and it should be a revelation to me as well…lol…..I have already discovered a lovely Chicken and Potato Soup which originated many moons ago in Columbia and is now a well-known national dish and is a very welcome meal on a snowy, blustery winter night when there is a chill in the wind and you need a hearty warming dish.

Header Image and picture: Pixabay ajaico-chicken-and-corn

Source: Ajaico… A Colombian Chicken Soup.


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