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Would you eat me?

In this day and age when the population is increasing scientists and people’s thoughts turn to other means of food….GM modified foods has its many critics so a lot of people are looking at alternatives foods which in the past we would never have considered eating and which now due to research reveal that many are very good sources of proteins and vitamins. We just need to get over our natural ..well revulsion…Yuk instinct!inchworm-1732290_1280

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Dragon Fruit….Fruit Weekend

It’s fruit weekend at #thelme55 is anyone else going to join us? It would be lovely AND INTERESTING  to hear about what fruit you get where you live. I know a lot of goods are exported around the world and some you can get everywhere….like “The Banana” but there are some that you don’t see or know about so maybe don’t  buy…. so come on please Join Us!chicken-521097_1920

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What an Effective Solar Cooker is All About

I had to share this it is a brilliant ingenious project 🙂 Using natural resources:


In countries where there’s a lot of sunshine, it makes sense to have a simple way to directly utilize sun energy to prepare our food.Some of the advantages are: simply put the pot inside, walk away and come back later to have your lunch – a relaxed way to prepare food; lower bills, as electric or gas stoves use lots of energy; the satisfaction of knowing that you work with, and not against nature. These stoves were made at the steps for children centre in Gobabis, Namibia, by semi-skilled workers.

Source: What an Effective Solar Cooker is All About

A Banana #thelme55fruitweekend.

No, not just a Banana…..I thought about Thelma’s fruit weekend challenge and we have many exotic fruits here, so armed with my camera I went to the local fruit market. Well, lots of oranges are in season at the moment as are Watermelons galore and the ever present mangoes….but what I was looking for…not in season..sam_8482

Source: A Banana #thelme55fruitweekend.

Recipe: My Double Decker Kahlua Chocolate Baked Cheesecake w/ Choc Fudge Sauce


Who doesn’t love Chocolate??? Just had to share this…If anyone wants to come and make this me you are welcome it sounds and looks delicious ….. Just Saying!


Source: Recipe: My Double Decker Kahlua Chocolate Baked Cheesecake w/ Choc Fudge Sauce

Day 17/365 Thailand Street Photography – Floating Market

Beautiful photos taken by my friend James of a Thai floating Market.


Day 17/365 Thailand Street Photography – Floating MarketFloating markets are not just found in and around Bankok waterways. If you intend a visit to the land of smiles, then I would highly recommend the experience. edited by myself.

Source: Day 17/365 Thailand Street Photography – Floating Market