How to prepare an Artichoke.

artichokesIf you are like me then preparing an artichoke has always phased me somewhat.But no more.I will take you through step by step and it really is easy..once you know how.Before you start always have a bowl of water into which you have squeezed at least 2 lemons. As you prepare the artichokes put them immediately into the lemonised water.You can also have a cut lemon and as you peel the artichoke rub the lemon juice over…I would this as well if you are novice as you will be slower and they oxidise really quickly(go brown)So here we go…. Firstly snap back the top outer leaves until you get to the lighter coloured leaves. Cut off the stem.Take a paring knife and pare off the rest of the leaves until you get to the heart…the white bit which is what you eat.With a tsp scoop out the centre fibrous choke in the middle as it is inedible. As you scoop it out it will look a bit like the petals of a thistle to which the artichoke is related.See picture.You can then either cook whole or cut into halves or quarters.IMAGE CREDIT: Pixabay

Source: How to prepare an Artichoke.


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