2017 is here…..Ohhhh yehhhh!



Yes it is!

Have I made lots of New Year resolutions.?….. No!

Am I going to?…..No!

I am just going to be happy and smile to at least one stranger a day..This is not new  it’s  a continuation as I started doing this a while ago and it works…..It really does.

Last year I moved to the North of Thailand and I like it here…It is different, not so much partying and everything that goes with it…Ladies who lunch etc etc…

Do I miss it? Mmmmmm yes and no….I miss my friends as there are not  any or many european women here…do I miss the lifestyle? Well, yes and no…

I don’t think I would want or could afford to keep  that lifestyle up indefinitely, all that partying takes its toll on your health.

So back to do I like it here?

I walk more, I enjoy it and I am fitter. I get post..yehhhhh

It is quieter and more relaxed…we have had a few visitors… which was nice..I get more time to write and cook…. and I walk…

I sort of missed the New Year celebrations on the beach..Briefly… when I saw the photos people posted on FB I thought ahhhh…but ours was spent in a Thai village.and to me it made a pleasant change…

First of all when we arrived I went for an afternoon stroll, heard music and then as the music was getting louder, all of sudden in front of us were the villagers coming out of their homes and joining the dancing /walking parade it was lovely all those happy faces..I was the only european there…and most look bemused as they probably wondered where I had sprung from so…  joining in with the dancing my little grandaughter.loved it…It was lovely….so unexpected.

We enjoyed an  hour just smiling and dancing and mingling.

Then back for some lovely Thai food and Laos whiskey…just opening that was revelation as I expected top off and pour but no…But underneath that was the most mellow of whiskys.


At 100% proof I was not going to take many sips…ha ha


In the evening it was dancing and fireworks to see in the NY…bed and early to rise. Well sleeping on a 2 inch thick mattress and square pillow for your head is  not conducive to a lovely lie in…lol… Taking my feather pillow next time.

So an early morning walk..everyone was slowly coming to life the little shop was just opening and the owner was unpacking his fresh veggies..people were lighting their fires as many still cook out side here…not many mod cons to be had here but a plethora of smiles…so many smiles…

Back to house and I was invited to visit the farm…I am getting quite used to perching on a side car thingy…Down a few bumpy tracks and there were the men standing talking around the fire and the bubbling pot


….another was cooking some steak….Was that delicious? Oh yes..tasty , soft and a blow your head of chilli dip to die for….. I love my chilli.



Next came the offal and I participated…next came something I could guess at….But as a man had walked by earlier carrying a bullocks willie….I guessed at his goolies….I passed on that one….

Had a shot of Hong Thong instead but it was a lovely start to my NY day ….most of it impromptu but I suppose that is village life and I had the best time…


I hope each and every one of you have a brilliant 2017 which sees you enjoy good health and much happiness.

Love to you all xxx





5 thoughts on “2017 is here…..Ohhhh yehhhh!

    1. blondieaka Post author

      I think it is too Marian…I love a simple life and I can find the bright ligts whenever I want and for a day or 2 that’s fine but not all the time…Been there and opted out…lol

      Liked by 1 person


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